Sur Cup
A unique experience in Seville 

It is a pleasure to present Sur Cup International Youth Football Tournament in Southern Spain, where players from all around the world, accompanied by relatives and friends will gather, from June 25 to July 1, 2018, in the ever magical city of Seville.
An event sponsored by public institutions and important private entities.
The tournament is organized by a lineup of highly qualified professionals. All members of the team of Sur Cup belong to the world of sport. Professionals who have been part of First Division football clubs, athletes who have participated in Olympic Games, coaches and experts in organizing sports events.
Your team may compete in first class sports facilities, staying in the best hotels in the city and enjoy leisure activities scheduled for your participation in Sur Cup an unforgettable experience.
We intend Sur Cup is a great festival of football and cultural exchange and fun are present in a tournament where schools, teams and clubs of all levels can compete to reach the final.
A week of emotions that you and your team you can not miss.