SUR CUP International Youth Fooball Tournament in Southern Spain according to FIFA rules with specific exceptions to those rules

1. Registration

1.1. Registration open to all national soccer teams, soccer teams and soccer schools, national and international.
1.2. In Football 11, each team can register a maximum of 21 players and at least 16.
1.3. In Football 7, each team can register a maximum of 16 players and at least 10.
1.4. Deadline to send the Offcial Team List of your team is june 10. 

2. Model of competition

2.1. The competition (model) is designed to ensure a minimum of 4 games to all teams.
2.2. A General Qualifying Round will be played, in which the teams will be organized in groups and will play under a league format.
2.3. The following rounds will be determined by the number of participant teams in each category. Based on this there can be played a Play Off, Semifinals or even directly a Final.
2.4. Games at the Play Off system are qualifying, and in case of a draw, the winner will be decided by penalties.
2.5. We can change the competition format depending on the number of entries in each category. Once the deadline has gone, we will inform of the final competition format, we guarantee that each team will play a minimum of 4 games.

3. Games duration

3.1. All games, in all stages and in all categories, will last 50 minutes, split in two halves of 25 minutes, and with a break of 2 minutes to swap sides and for possible substitutions, all without leaving the field .
3.2. For the smooth running of the tournament, the schedules must be respected on time. Teams must be ready 15 minutes before kick-off.
3.3. Due to the excepted weather conditions, every hafl part of each game will have a one minute break, so that the plavers can drink some water.

4. Qualification Rules

4.1. If a team is discualified due to misbehaviour, even during the game or not, in terms of the classification, the results of all the games finished by this team will remain, but all the games still to be played will be considered lost by 1-0 or 0-1, depending if it plays as the home or the visiting team. This team won´t play the following rounds and will be replaced by the team classified inmediately after.
4.2.In the General Phase, the points score will be : 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for losing.
4.3. In the case of a draw of points in the General phase ranking, the higher qualified team will be decided based on:
4.3.1. The score between the teams with the same number of points and the winner will be the one who won the game between them.
4.3.2. Best goal difference.
4.3.3. The highest scoring team.
4.3.4. Lowest average age of the players.
4.3.5. Best "Fair Play" team , which will be decided based on the lowest number of points depending on the cards: 1 point for a yellow card and 2 points for a red card.
4.3.6. By draw.
4.4.The Play-Off, Semifinals and Finals will be played on a one game format and if they finish will a draw, there will be no overtimes and pelalties will be necessary according to FIFA regulations.

5. Outfits

5.1. The t-shirts from all the players must have a number and it must be the same in the score sheet.
5.2. Players can´t change their t-shirt numbers during all the tournament and if there is any incidence, you have to inform the organization. Just in case, without the authorization of Sur Cup, the team will be penalize by losing that game by 1-0 or 0-1 depending if it plays as the home or the visiting team.
5.3. If teams playing each other have similar uniforms, the team named first is entitled to use his usual gear.
5.4. Players are required to wear shin pads (F.I.F.A. Rules).

6. Ball size

6.1. In Football 11 All games will be played with ball size 5.
6.2. In Football 7 all games will be played with ball of size 4.
6.3. For warming up, it is recommended the teams bring their own balls. Sur Cup organization will not provide balls for the warming-up.

7. Documents checking and games report

7.1. In the categories of Football 11 , each team can enter a maximum of 21 players in the match entry form.
7.2. In the categories of Football 7 , each team can enter a maximum of 16 players in the match entry form.
7.3. The Official Team List and all the identification documents of the players must be ready for the inspection by the Sur Cup Marshal, 30 minutes before the kick off the each game. If not received on time, it could result in failure to play.
7.4. Players will be controlled according to the Official Team List.
7.5. To control the players, only the following documents will be valid (no photocopies will be allowed):
7.5.1. For spanish teams, it will be acepted the Regional Federation sporting licence of the team in which the player will play, the National Identification Card or the passport. Teams without these documents, will need to show a document of the competition in which they normally play or the Family Register with an actual picture.
7.5.2. For foreign teams, Sur Cup will accept only as a player identification, a laminated card certified by the institution he/she represents. This card must contain personal details as the name , identification number, date of birth and photo of the player. This document must always be together with the passport. Players from EU countries (Europe), don’t need to show the passport.
7.6. All the player´s documents will be controlled before presenting the Official Team List, which we be the only valid document during the tournament. Protests and/or complaints to this issue will be investigated by the Competition Comission.
7.7. If a team plays with a player with an irregular status, the team will be penalized by losing that game by 1-0 or 0-1 depending if it plays as the home or the visiting team.
7.8. All players can participate in an older category in which they have been registered, but only playing for the same club. Therefore, the player must be registered in the Official Team List of this other category.
7.9. The score sheets of all the games will be owned by the Competition Commission of Sur Cup and no copies will be given to any team. Any complaint and/or protest must be told to the referee who will include the complaint into the sheet.
7.10. The team delegates are allowed to check the ages of the players of the opponent team, only under these circumstances.
7.10.1. The request should be done, at last 10 minutes before the kick-off of the game.
7.10.2. The team which makes the request will have to show all the identification papers of their own players to the opponent team.
7.10.3. The checking of the papers will be done by the referee or a member of the OC with one representative of each team.
7.10.4. In the match report it has to be notified the team which has made the request. If there´s any anomaly, it has to be specify in the match report and the affected player won´t be allowed to play the game.

8. Substitutions

8.1. Substitutions will be made at the time that there is a natural pause of the game, having previously requested to the referee and only when he gives his consent.
8.2. The number of substitutions that may be allowed include:
For the categories B-U10, B-U12 y G-U14
8.2.1. During the half time, without limitations.
8.2.2. Besides the ones done during the half time, another 3 substitutions can be made by each team during the whole game, can replace several players at a time on each occasion.
8.2.3. Teams can make three more changes, when the substitutions of the opposite team happen.
8.2.4. Players who have been replaced during a game, will be allowed to reenter again.
For the categories B-U14, B-U16, B-U19 y G-U19
8.2.5. During the half time, communicating it to the referee.
8.2.6. Besides the ones done during the half time, another 3 substitutions can be made by each team during the whole game, can replace several players at a time on each occasion.
8.2.7. Teams can make three more changes, when the substitutions of the opposite team happen.
8.2.8. Players who have been replaced during a game, won´t be allowed to reenter again.
8.3. Substitutions will be made in the specific area.
8.4. The new player will be allowed to enter the field only when his teammate is out of the field. In case this is not respected, shall be punished with a yellow card.
8.5. Players replaced will be allowed to play again in the same game.

9. Referees

9.1. All matches will be conducted by referees from the Andalusian Referees Association.
9.2. The referee shall be the highest authority in the field, and he is entitled to suspend the game if he notices repeated misbehaviour in any of the participating teams, and the Tournament Competition Committee will decide the punishment for that team.
9.3. At least one member of the Andalusian Football Referees Association will be included in the Competiton Commission.

10. Omitted Rules

10.1. Sur Cup decides on the protests, punishments, uncertain situations and cases omitted in this regulation. All cases will be reviewed by the Tournament Competition Committee who will act based on the principles of the Fair Play.
10.2. Decisions taken by the Committee are final and there is not chance to appeal.

11. Punishments and appeals

11.1. Any player or coach sent off the field will automatically be punished without playing the next game. Also will be punished with one game any player with 2 yellow cards.
11.2. All cards will be cancelled when the teams start the 2nd round matches.
11.3. Rule 11.2. shall not apply when a player receives his second yellow card in the last game of the groups phase. In this case, the player won’t be allowed to play the next game.
11.4. Written complaints and/or protests must be presented by the team delegate at least 60 minutes after a game has finished, but is has to be previously included by the referee in the score sheet.
11.5. To present a written complaint and/or protest after a game, a 50 € fee must be paid. The Competition Commission will take a decision after all the games of the day are finished, except on the Play-Off, Semifinals and Finals days, when the decision will be taken as soon as possible by the Competition Commission.
11.6. The fee will only be refunded if the protest is upheld.
11.7. Appeals will not be accepted regarding refereeing decisions.
11.8. If a team is affected by a complaint and/protest, if that team has won the game it will be penalized by losing that game by 1-0 or 0-1 depending if it plays at the home or the visiting team. Just in case the team has lost the game, the result will remain as the game as finished.
11.9. The decisions of the Tournament Competition Committee are final, so that all participants in Sur Cup teams must abide by , without exception , the resolutions to be determined.

12. Schedule of matches

12.1. Sur Cup reserves the right to modify the schedule of matches or leisure activities at any point in the tournament for a better run of the tournament.
12.2. If this occurs, all team managers will be informed as soon as possible.

13. Not turn up

13.1. If a team does´n show up to a game, it will be penalized by losing the game by 0-3 or 3-0 depending if it plays as the home or the visiting team.
13.2. If a team doesn´t show up to two games, the team will be disqualified and all the previous results will be changed to 0-3 or 3-0 depending if it plays as the home or the visiting team. If for that reason a game is not being played, the game will be counted as part of the minimum 4 games guaranteed by Sur Cup.
13.3. If the Tournament Competition Committee understands that the failures to appear were deliberated, an advantage for themselves or it affects a third-party, the team may be excluded from the tournament at the first failure to appear.

14. House rules

In Sur Cup we encourage coexistence, tolerance and respect for others. This tournament is an opportunity for boys and girls to be educated, learning that the standards are set for a common good. And so:
14.1. Delegates are responsible for their players in case of damage to the locker rooms, residences, hotels, buses or other facilities. They will have to pay the damages.
14.2. Must wear proper attire in residences, hotels, sports facilities and public transport.
14.3. Alcohol and other substances not permitted for children under 18 are not allowed in the rooms where players are housed.
14.4. Please, be quiet in the accommodation provided, and especially between 23:00 and 8:00 hours.
14.5. Meal times established by the hotel owners must be followed.

15. Insurances

In the registration fee there´s included a sport medical insurance that covers all the incidences that may happen during the competition itself. However, each delegate is responsible that all the team members are covered by an insurance policy outside the competition, either private or public. Sur Cup International Youth Football Tournament in Southern Spain won´t be responsible for all kind of incidences that are excluded from it´s own sport medical insurance policy.

16. Cancellation of the tournament

If for any reasons, not under the responsability of Sur Cup, the tournament has to be cancelled, only the amounts paid directly to Sur Cup will be refunded. No other costs or compensations due to any kind of losses in transportation, accommodation, and others not managed by Sur Cup will be consider.

17. Acceptance of the rules

All teams accept, without reservation, the regulation of Sur Cup International Youth Football Tournament in Southern Spain, from the moment you make your registration to participate.