Seville, the football pitches of Sur Cup


Seville is a perfect city to make your team lives much more than a football tournament, because of its wonderful weather, the nice character of its people, its relevance in the field of sports and, of course, all its monuments.

Fun does not stop when the competition journey is over. Seville invites all of you, players, coaches and participants, to enjoy all its attractions.

These are some of them:


The Giralda

Bring your camera to Sur Cup! When you rise up the ramp of the Giralda until you rise 97.5 metres you want to take an amazing panoramic picture from the highest place in the town…


Plaza de España

Only if you visit this place you will understand why it was one of the imaginary kingdoms of “War of worlds”. A spectacular place which circular shape represents the hug between all the Spanish provinces.


Roman Ruins of Itálica

It is considered the first roman city in Spanish territory. The visit to the ruins of Italica is one of the most important walks in Seville because of the popularity of its constructions and the great historical roman heritage


Mª Luisa's Park

From Plaza de España it is very easy to get inside the park. Its trees, the sound of its fountains and the smell of the nature are like a mermaid´s song. Let yourself be tempted by its charm and take a break in its gardens.


Cathedral of Seville

There are plenty of cathedrals around the world , but if we all know that this is the third biggest of the world, you just cannot miss the chance of visiting it.



Football stadiums

Seville has legendary football stadiums where matches from the Champions League, Europa League , Liga and Copa del Rey have taken place. A 'must see' for the young promising footballers..



Isla Mágica

A spectacular theme park inspired by the discovery of America, with seven thematic areas and attractions such as the Challenge, the Ball Lake and the Jaguar.



Real Alcázar

Its rooms are mesmerizing just like its gorgeous architecture and gardens.



Metropol Parasol

We are sure you have nerver seen anything like this before. A magnificent modern structure raised above the old town. It is popularly known as Encarnación's Mushrooms.



Nearby beaches

Seville is very well connected to La Costa de la Luz and La Costa del Sol. With only one or two hours journey you will be able to sunbathe in the beaches of Matalascañas, Sanlúcar de Barrameda, El Puerto de Santa María, Conil or Marbella.


Neighborhood of Santa Cruz and Triana

Walking through the most popular neighborhoods of Seville you can feel the city. Narrow streets and squares, schools of dance , pottery workshops, markets, balconies with flowers, small shops, tapas bars ...


Guadalquivir and its bridges

Whether one riverbank or another, the river provides a very special view of the city. A walk during sunset is 100% recommended, visiting its famous bridges.



La Cartuja Island

Come over and discover the pavilions and works done 20 years ago for the Expo '92.


More information on what to see and do in Seville here .