Frequent Questions

1. What is the deadline date to register for the Tournament?

April 20, 2018. The period may be closed before this date if places available are covered (16 teams each).

2. How I can apply the registration?

On the website you can access to the registration form.

3. What happens when we apply for registration in the Tournament?

Based on the number and order of arrival requests, we will contact with you to formalize or refuse requests.

4. Can we enter more than one team in the Tournament?

Each club, school, association, etc., may enter as many teams as you like.

5. Is there a limit of delegates or coaches by each team?

Each team can attend the Tournament with as many coaches, delegates or accompanying people as you consider necessary.

6. What are the necessary fees to be paid by a team to participate in the Tournament?

The registration fee for team and for each participant (Competition + Accommodation or Competition only for local teams). If a player, coach or delegate want to enjoy all the leisure activities, he/she must buy the VIVE SUR CUP Card.

7. What amounts must be paid by a companion?

If you want to participate in all the leisure activities of the Tournament, you must purchase the VIVE SUR CUP Card. Regardless of the amount, if a guest wishes to stay in a hotel provided by the organization, he/she will have to pay the cost of this according to the selected hotel choices.

8. Is it obligatory for the participants to buy the VIVE SUR CUP Card?

No, only if they want to enjoy the leisure activities.

9. Who can buy the VIVE SUR CUP Card?

Everyone who wants to enjoy the Tournament activities.

10. How can I book a hotel?

Don´t hesitate to contact us and we will gladly send you detailed information.

11. Is it necessary to book the accommodation through the organtization in one of the official hotels?

The accommodation is included in the registration fee for the participants. Only for the local teams there is a registration fee without accommodation. The accompanying persons can stay in one of the hotels offered by Sur Cup or in a hotel of their choosing.

12. How can I pay the amounts of registration fees, accommodation and VIVE Sur Cup card?

You can pay it by bank transfer.

13. How long will be the matches?

All the games, in all stages and categories, will last 50 minutes, divided into two parts of 25 minutes with a two-minutes break.

14. How many games are guaranteed for the participant teams?

All teams will play at least 4 games.

15. Is there any age exemption in the different categories?

Yes, as detailed in the categories section within the TOURNAMENT tab.

16. What is the classification system to reach the final?

You can see the competition, format in section 2 and 4 of the regulations is which are published in the TOURNAMENT tab of this website.

17. How can we move over the city?

Teams are encouraged to have their own transport but if it is not possible, besides the public transport of the city, the organization may provide a shuttle service adapted to your needs.

18. How I can buy a t-shirt or other kind of merchandising of SUR CUP?

During the Tournament, there will be a store where you can buy any merchandising of SUR CUP.

19. What should I do if I am interested in receiving information about the training camps that Sur Cup organizes?

Don´t hesitate to contact us and we will gladly send you detailed information.