Sur Cup from the Sierra Sur of Seville

The best players of the Sierra Sur are selected to compete in the Sur Cup. This is what it has been since 2014, under the name of Scorpions of Osuna. A Selection of the area that finds in this tournament a whole escape for the best teams to notice them. And they have achieved it.

For example, the Division of Honor cadet Sevilla FC, who was champion of Andalusia last season with Alvaro Espuny, who entered the quarry after his excellent work in Sur Cup four years ago. The same happened with Antonio Andújar, now in the ‘infantil’ category of Sevilla FC, and that in the 2016 edition of Sur Cup ended up being the top scorer and the revelation player of the tournament in the category ‘alevin’.

In each edition of the best international youth soccer tournament in southern Spain, the Osuna Scorpions have done a good job. In 2014, the ‘infantil’ category was proclaimed champion, with Juan Antonio Rodríguez in scoring. Also the player Francisco José Puppo was highlighted. He is currently at UP Viso, in the Senior Honor Division.

In 2015, the ‘alevin’ category finished second and in the last edition, the ‘infantil’ reached the final again, but he ended up losing. Surely there will be more good news in the future because for Scorpiones de Osuna. Sur Cup is the ideal setting to show all the talent of the players of the Sierra Sur of Seville.