Sur Cup supports equality in sport

On International Women's Day, Sur Cup wants to add to this day of protest from its field, sports. The best international youth soccer tournament in southern Spain is committed to equal opportunities between men and women in sports practice and gives the necessary visibility to women's football. Equality is seen in each of its editions.

In addition, women's soccer tournaments have been sponsored and there is a direct relationship with the clubs in Seville, mainly Sevilla FC, Real Betis and CD Híspalis, who bet every year on Sur Cup with their female teams.

Sur Cup also supports the Andalusian Football Federation (RFAF), which has just announced the creation, for the first time in history, of an absolute female Andalusian team, which will be formed by players competing in the Iberdrola League (First Division) and in the Second National Division. Many of those players have been in Sur Cup.