When the Atlético de Madrid won Sur Cup

The first place occupied by Atlético de Madrid in the Liga Iberdrola, the highest national competition in women's football, is not a coincidence. The academy of Madrid is a factory to train players who manage to reach the soccer elite.

Players, some, who went through the Sur Cup. In the 2015 edition, Atlético de Madrid was in the best international youth soccer tournament in the south of Spain with four teams: a junior, a junior, a junior and a youngest.

Of them, the young team of Maria Vargas was proclaimed champion by defeating Sevilla on penalties. In that edition, Andrea López, currently in team B of Atlético de Madrid, finished as top scorer and Ana Fernández, as the best player in the tournament.

The children's team of Cristina Ballesteros also won the Sur Cup, which in an exciting final against Real Betis won 3-2 with a main player, Elena Díaz, author of the three goals of her team. Currently competes in the youth team of Atlético de Madrid. Another player who has left the athletic academy is Noelia Gil, who has just signed for Sevilla FC.

Numbers that reflect what was already seen in Sur Cup, so it is not surprising that this female Atlético de Madrid is playing the league with FC Barcelona.