The three diamonds of the AD Nervión shined in Sur Cup

Only Sevilla FC and CD Sededos add more points than the alevín B of the AD Nervión in their group of the Tercera Andaluza. A fact that becomes more relevant when in the Nervión AD there are players who have just climbed up, but who still shine in the same way.

In particular, Emilio Lozano, Juan Carlos Gómez and Jesús Cruz. Three players that in the last edition of Sur Cup got the AD Nervión in the final of the best international baseball tournament in southern Spain. It ended up losing to Sevilla FC (7-1), but among the three they scored many goals, up to 29 in 6 games.

And so it continues to be in this course. Juan Carlos, who scored 14 goals in the Sur Cup, already adds the same goals in the league. Jesus counts 12 and Emilio has 26 goals in 23 games. Goals that they want to continue making in the next edition of Sur Cup.