Mario García Jaramillo was in Sur Cup

The Federación Andaluza de Fútbol (RFAF) has presented Mario García Jaramillo with the 'Fair Play' bracelet because of the green card he received in the league match. That was when his team, Vistahermosa CF, played against East Andalusia, corresponding to the Fourth Andalusian.

In that match, his coach, Antonio Checa, was expelled for "acts and expletives", according to the referee, who had to endure serious insults from both the coach and a part of the fans.

It was then when a kid of only 11 years old, Mario García Jaramillo, approached the referee to tell him that "you do not notice my coach or the people in the stands, you are still doing well, cheer up!"

And the referee Juan Diego Aguilar, with very good judgment, showed him the green card for his gesture of "humility and education before the referee, giving a great example to parents and players," as reflected in his report.

All exemplary action of a kid who already showed his sports behavior in the last edition of Sur Cup, when he was present with his team Vistahermosa CF. And we're sure it will repeat in the 2018 edition.