Who We Are

ANDALUCÍA CUP, S.L. (V.A.T.: B-90.037.805) is a company created by a group of professionals from the sporting world and the business management and the main goal is to organize SUR CUP International Youth Football Tournament in Southern Spain.

We offer also the possibility to organize training camps in Seville for interested teams combining sport, culture and leisure activities.

We can organize events for companies and other groups as well.

ANDALUCÍA CUP, S.L. has the support of public institutions and private companies.


  • José María Claro Gómez


    - Degree in Physical Education.
    - National Rowing Team member in the 1988 World Championships and the Olympics Games of Barcelona 92.
    - Physical Trainer at the Basketball Cajasol Club and the Real Betis Balompié during 2 years.
    - Galisport Leisure Centers Coordinator during 5 years.

  • Manuel Altava Pérez

    Management and Human Resources

    - Degree in Economics and Business.
    - Monitor for Rowing, Rock Climbing and Caving.
    - Young Entrepreneur Award (A. J. E. Sevilla) in 2007.
    - Manager in Tourism Business and Sport Events.

  • José Manuel Sánchez Hidalgo


    - Degree in Psychology and Education Sciences.
    - National Rowing Coach.
    - Coach in the Real Circulo de Labradores Rowing Club during seven years and responsible of different formation courses for the Andalusian Federation of Rowing and Council of Sevilla.
    - Businessman since 1990.

  • Fran Orgaz Lora

    Futbol Femenino

    - Ingeniero Superior Sistemas de Información.
    - Colaborador Intermediaria nº549 registrado por la RFEF / Scountig & Reporting Clubs.
    - Gestor Becas Deportivas en USA (DecoaSports).
    - Controller Project Portfolio Management & Technical Support-Grupo Enel.

  • Óscar Olomo Súnico

    Technical Direction

    - Superior Technician of Sports and Physicals Activities.
    - National Football Coach.
    - U.D. Loreto´s Sports Director.
    - Five a Side Football and Swimming Monitor.

  • Carlos Carrión Pavón


    - Degree in Journalism.
    - Master in Digital Journalism.
    - Sports Journalist at El Banquillo Web.
    - Journalist in Muchodeporte.

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